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Looking for a way to support local businesses AND raise funds to support the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) programs, including college scholarships for Lake Braddock Secondary School (LBSS) 2021 graduating seniors? Then join the LBSS Community Partners program!

What is the LBSS Community Partners program?

The LBSS Community Partners program aims to help businesses, which may be struggling to stay afloat during an unprecedented economic crisis, by encouraging the LBSS community—including students, parents, and staff—to patronize local businesses and raise funds for LBSS programs and college scholarships for graduating seniors.

Who benefits?

Everyone in the greater LBSS community! Specifically, local businesses benefit by expanding their clientele, LBSS benefits from PTSA-supported programs, and LBSS seniors benefit by receiving scholarships to help pay for college.

For Our Businesses Partners:

What does it entail?

A percentage of local business sales from LBSS patrons are donated towards LBSS PTSA according to the following partnership duration and suggested donation percentages.
(Note: Please also suggest alternate donation amounts and/or timeframes.)

  • One day/one day a month/or any other option: donation amount to be discussed
  • One week: 20% of proceeds
  • One month: 18% of proceeds
  • One semester: 15% of proceeds
  • One academic year: 10% of proceeds

When does it start and how do I sign up?

It starts now!! And it only takes three easy steps:

  • Step One: Express your interest by emailing the LBSS Fundraising committee at:
  • Step Two: In your email, clarify whether you wish to partner with LBSS for a week, a month, a semester or an academic year. (If your business prefers a different timeframe and/or donationpercentage, please note this in the email.)
  • Step Three: Once a timeframe and donation percentage are selected, LBSS PTSA will provide each business with a “LBSS Community Partner” sign and logo to post on your website and/or display at your business to inform LBSS patrons that you are a participating partner.
    (Note: PTSA will provide further information on how to transfer your business’ donation to LBSS PTSA.)

For Our LBSS Community (students, parents, and staff):

How do patrons inform businesses they are affiliated with LBSS?

  • Patrons will identify themselves as being affiliated with LBSS by showing a LBSS student/staff ID; the “LBSS Community Partners” ad from any LBSS or other website, Facebook or Twitter site; a hard copy print-out of the ad; or any other LBSS-identifier.

For more information, please get in touch with our Fundraising Contact

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